Target uneven skin tone

Target uneven skin tone

It is a revolutionary two-step skincare routine specifically designed to target uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

With highly performing actives working hard to improve skin colour and clarity, they also prevent further redness and pigmentation forming.

Bqk Radiance is a two-step routine. You already know that here at Biologi, we’re simplifying skincare. The reason we’ve created a two-step routine is that with a commitment to innovation, when we designed the serum specifically to target pigmentation (something we get A LOT of questions about!), we learnt that mixing two extracts together actually cancels out the actives rather than enhances them.

So that you can get the benefit of the powerful phytoactives that work together to combat pigment, the two-step regime is designed so that you can use one serum in the morning, and one in the evening to provide your skin with ALL the benefits of the extracts.

This set includes a 15 ml morning and night serum.

Morning serum: Kakadu plum

The morning serum draws on the potent phytonutrients such as vitamin C to protect against pollutants that can cause pigmentation and promote collagen production.

As well as attacking pigmentation, Kakadu plum extract also increases elasticity and reduces the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage while brightening the overall appearance of the skin.

Evening serum: Quandong

The evening serum is a powerhouse of antioxidants which reduce redness, balance complexion, target existing pigmentation and leave the skin radiant and glowing.

Quandong was chosen because of its natural levels of ferulic acid, tryptophan, rutin and chlorogenic acid. The combination of chlorogenic acid and rutin is critical in reducing redness and pigmentation while working in synergy with tryptophan and ferulic acid, which prevent further pigment from forming.

Now there’s a reason this two-step routine is a firm favourite among Biologi customers!

Gentle on the skin while targeting pigmentation

Traditional pigmentation treatments can often contain retinoids (synthetic vitamin A). While they may reduce the appearance of blotches, they can also damage healthy cells so much be used with caution.

It’s vital that when treating damaged cells, we maintain the integrity of healthy cells and nourish these with actives designed to protect as well as heal.

When you use Bqk Radiance, all the cells benefit, not just those which are damaged.

It’s multiuse

When you choose Bqk Radiance, you don’t need any other products apart from a cleanser. The actives across the morning and evening serum target ageing, hydrate and provide antioxidant protection meaning there’s no more need for any more moisturisers, face masks and eye cream.

While it might be two steps, your Bqk Radiance skincare routine couldn’t be easier!

Morning routine

Evening routine

Include an exfoliant twice a week to see pigmentation reduce and the complexion brighten. We recommend Synergie Mediscrub

Here are our tips for getting the most out of Bqk Radiance Serum:

Don’t apply the morning and evening serum together

As our research has confirmed, mixing actives together can counteract the potency of actives leaving them ineffective. Apply the morning and evening serums separately as directed.

Make sure skin is dry before use

Adding water to active ingredients dilutes the natural potency impacting the efficiency. Always make sure hands and face are completely dry before use to give the cells the most potent actives possible.

Apply sunscreen daily While targeting pigmentation, it’s essential you use sunscreen daily to prevent further pigmentation forming.

More uses for Bqk Radiance Serum
Bqk Radiance was primarily designed to combat pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Because there are thousands of active ingredients in every extract, the serums are multiuse providing many other benefits including:

  • Improve skin tone by reducing redness caused by inflammation, hormonal imbalances and sun exposure.
  • Refine clarity of the skin, leaving you with more radiant skin
  • Lock natural moisture into the skin cells to aid hydration
  • Stimulate collagen production to combat the early signs of ageing

Bqk Radiance Serum is on sale NOW! To buy yours, click here today!


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Mezz Nikrz
Mezz Nikrz
Amazing facial, Dani is an amazing therapist!! My skin feels absolutely beautiful and the heated blanket was divine 👌
Kylie Twitchett
Kylie Twitchett
Great advice, excellent service and the shop is beautiful.
Mrs Gribble
Mrs Gribble
Absolutely amazing: so relaxing and comfortable. The most perfect facial experience. Thank you
Leah Hooper
Leah Hooper
I recently had a facial here for the first time and I have to say it was absolute heaven. Paige was super friendly and seemed to really know what she was talking about. The entire experience from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left was amazing. Paige recommended some products for me (not in a pushy sales way like some other places) which I’m loving. Can’t wait to come back for more treatments !
Kelly Carr
Kelly Carr
Best place for all your beauty needs. Love all the staff and their great quality products
Sharon Kershaw
Sharon Kershaw
Totally professional service 👏 left feeling pampered.
Naomi & Lionel Arthur-Smith
Naomi & Lionel Arthur-Smith
Dani was amazing at explaining everything in detail, and giving honest, unbiased advice for my skin condition. Highly recommend!
Madeline Paige
Madeline Paige
The session was very relaxing and I felt great after!
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