Indulge a little (or a lot) with Red Velvet Mousse 30 Minute Self Tanner from Mediterranean Tan®

Streak free and indulgent the Red Velvet Mousse is simply the darkest self tanner on the market thanks to Mediterranean Tan’s INDUCTAFUZE® Red – RBS® technology. A blend of essential oils, melanin and collagen are just the icing on the cake!

A lot of thought goes into the recipe for all MediterraneanTan® products and the Red Velvet Mousse is certainly no exception. Red Velvet Mousse a high DHA, (EcoCert Approved) high performance product. Exotic ingredients inspired by South American adventures will firm skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines. Malbec Grapes assist in producing a rich and intense colour whilst providing your skin with a burst of nourishing antioxidants. Native Argentinean plant extracts deliver a concentrate of minerals and nutrients which your skin will thank you for and with lashings of Orange Blossom – a natural skin toner – your skin will look as flawless as your tan!

You control the colour: Leave on for as little as thirty minutes for a natural tan or leave on for up to 6 hours for a darker more chocolatey result

Instructions for use: Exfoliate 24 hours prior with MediterraneanTan® Body Scrub. Spritz on MediterraneanTan® Pre Spray onto clean skin. Apply MediterraneanTan® Red Velvet Mousse with tanning mitt. Warm water rinse 60 seconds at desired time. Pat dry. Apply MediterraneanTan® Post Spray. To extend the life of your tan, after 24 hours apply MediterraneanTan® Tan Extender or MediterraneanTan® Body Lotion with Luminescence liberally morning and night.

Key Features: RBS® – Suitable for all skin tones. Producing a rose gold bronzed look.

Storage: Store out of direct sunlight in a controlled environment less than 16ºC. To ensure best product efficiency as per best before date, store in fridge.

Size: 100ml, 200ml

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