Ultimate Indulgence Exfoliant Scrub Mild is a preparatory facial scrub. Clear away the old skin
cells that block the way for vital moisture and nourishment to penetrate, with Ultimate Indulgence
Exfoliant Scrub Mild it is especially developed for use on sensitive facial skin. A combination of
natural micro-exfoliants combined with mild Natural Acids to gently ease off and slide away old
cells, revealing a brighter, fresher complexion. Our Exfoliant Scrub Mild provides intense
hydration, enriched with Rosehip, Aloe and Botanical Extracts. A gentle way to uncover your
natural beauty.
 Removes dead skin skin cells
 Hydrating formula
 Soothing Botanicals
 Rich emollients smooth the skin
 Vitamin E and Aloe Vera aid skin repair
Key Ingredients: Enriched with Gentle natural exfoliants, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil,
Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Orange and Rosemary Extracts.

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