Want to fade the appearance of your scars? SSSCAR is a scientifically formulated scar cream. It aids in faster recovery and reduces the appearance of redness and discoloration. Scars and stretch marks become visibly softened and flattened.

For keloids or atrophic scarring, using SSSCAR scar cream in combination with Dermapen micro needling procedures allows the skin to normalize the collagen synthesis cycle. SSSCAR can be used immediately following aesthetic and medical procedures including micro needling, incisions, tattoo application/removal and skin resurfacing.

If your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, apply SSSCAR daily under COVER RECOVER SPF30. It works as an effective primer, creating a smooth base, reducing the visual appearance of existing pigmentation and helping stop new patches from forming.

The unique 7-Silicone Liquid Sheeting System includes silicone gel (Poly siloxanes), which is well-documented for the treatment of scars.

Key Benefits

  • Contains silicone gel, clinically proven to safely treat scars.
  • Softens and flattens the appearance of scars and striae (stretch marks)
  • Aids in faster recovery
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and discoloration.
  • Does not contain alcohol or fragrances.
  • Relieves the itching and discomfort of stretch marks.
  • Easy-to-apply, non-sticky and rapid drying scar cream.


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